Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Looking Ahead at Social Learning

The last decade has brought a multitude of changes in technology and in the learning function. What will the next 10 years have to offer? Top 10 predictions:
  1. Augmented reality learning emerges.
  2. Most learning incorporates use of a mobile device.
  3. Games and simulations are used for every content area.
  4. We will have a huge app-etite.
  5. Peer-to-peer learning blossoms.
  6. Expert and credibility ratings create trusted search networks.
  7. Search bots go on the prowl for you.
  8. Governments will become more involved in ensuring that its citizens have access to training and retraining.
  9. The learning function's focus shifts to accreditation, with less emphasis on the learning process itself.
  10. You will be rated publicly, much like a Yelp or Amazon rating for people.
Learning's future: champion or outcast?